UPVC windows/doors

We have brought a new brand of UPVC windows and doors to Australia.

Canon UPVC double glazed windows and doors have surpassed the current market which offered no choice in variety in colours. On top of the Pearl white UPVC window and doors we are manufacturing wood grain finish UPVC windows and doors which can be sourced for the sheer purpose of elegance with minimal fuss and maintenance.

Secondly our window making machinery is now offering a Seamless welded joint for perfect corner finish of windows which is specially important in the coloured windows.


Our range of Windows and doors include:

1- Inward/Outward Casement windows

2- Awning windows

3- Sliding windows

4- Tilt and Turn Windows

5- Fixed Window

6- French doors

7- Bifold doors

8- Sliding doors


Standard Colours Available in addition to White are below