"  As an engineer who lived in Germany and knowing how well German windows are engineered, I have been waiting for decades (literally) to find German style windows at an affordable price in Perth.

Not only was Canon Double Glazing the cheapest quote by far, but they were genuine German style windows – as I established by visiting the factory in Malaga.

Their unique dual hinge system allows them to pivot around a vertical side to open fully for full ventilation, or alternatively around the bottom horizontal edge for ventilation with full security with around a 15cm opening at the top edge without the window being able to be opened further from the outside.

It has made a huge difference to the liveability of the house as all the windows can be thrown fully opened very quickly when he breeze is in and traffic and aircraft noise from outside has significantly been reduced.

Installation was perfect and I can’t more highly recommend Canon Double Glazing for a job well done." - Aaron Thompson, Wilson, WA



"Canon Service was timely and of high quality. Installed Windows look great and work better than expected. As an owner-renovator I would recommend canon double glazing for anyone looking to upgrade single glaze windows." - Matt, East Vic Park, WA



"I have been happy with the service and products supplied by Canon Double Glazing and impressed with the innovative subframe concept which make installation and building much simpler. They are a competitive supplier since they manufactureeverything locally themselves. They have been very helpful with technical information throughout the build and I have no hesitation in recommending them to others." - S. Angelo, Nedlands, WA