Hardware for UPVC window systems

We offer all kinds of hardware for our UPVC window and door profile extrusions.

We give you 2 attractive options of choosing between our custom made hardware or using GU hardware.

Our hardware stock includes Multiple double locking mechanisms for windows, 4 point secure door locking mechanisms with cylinder locking and double hook bolts, 3D door hinges, window butt hinges, outward opening window handles, tilt and turn/inward opening window handles, full range of tilt and turn locking mechanisms, all types of friction hinges and friction stays, and high quality EPDM to suit our profile series for perfect air and water tightness.

We also stock all the hardware for our sliding system, which includes but is not limited to the following:-

1) Sliding rollers for windows and doors

2) Concealed window and door handles

3) Sliding espagnolettes and keepers

4) Anti-theft wedges, drainage caps, wind break bridges, swing collision cushions, flyscreen systems