Premium Double Glazed Windows & Doors

We are the first in Australia to extrude UPVC profiles for Double Glazed doors & Windows. The benefits of using double glazing windows and doors are obvious as they last long, are very low on maintenance, termite proof and also draft proof. With our extensive research and exquisite market experience our double glazed doors and windows help to reduce the noise and make a comfortable home environment. We stock a wide range of designs and styles to suit all your household needs of UPVC double glazing doors and windows. We are authentic Australian makers of UPVC products and no one in the market can beat our price and services.

Our Double Glazing Solutions

Based in Perth we cater all the needs of customers from double glazed upvc windows to doors. As a matter of fact in such a short span of time we have a large list of our clients. Owning the business for so many years we have very competitive price as compared with our competitors:

  • CANON UPVC - With our profile extrusion line CANON UPVC profiles are High quality standard extruded profiles for all kinds of windows and door system.

  • Various colour choices are available.

  • 100% Australian made and owned.

  • We have a full line double glazing plant, so we can get your double glazed glass unit made up for you.

  • We have a full in house double glazing window and door fabrication plant.

100% Australian Double Glazed Windows

We are customer oriented company and totally focused on giving 100 % satisfaction to our customers. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of UPVC doors and windows in Perth as we manufacture and design the UPVC doors and windows inhouse.






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